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New in Stockholm?

Söders-Tyresö welcome anyone who lives in Stockholm and wants to join our activities, often held in Tyresö, southeast of Stockholm, or nearby. 

Söders also has a stated desire to provide good conditions for members engaged in orienteering at an elite level, or have the potential and ambition to get there. In large part, it is about providing good training opportunities, good coaches and an environment that promotes fellowship and development. We also, through benefits and cost recovery, want to provide financial support to elite runners. 

Representing Söders-Tyresö

We also welcome foreign runners who don't live in the Stockholm area but have the ambition to participate in training camps and would like to run for Söders-Tyresö in relays and other competions.  


If you are interested in more information about Söders-Tyresö, please send an email to kontakt@soders.org and tell us more about who you are and your ambitions.


Söders-Tyresö Box 94 13522 Tyresö


E-post: styrelsen@soders.org

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